Royal Leadership Fellowship

13th - 14thJune, 2021

About RLF

The  Royal Leadership Fellowship is a one-mentor to many-mentee model that seeks to bridge the gap between leading labels in diverse industries and the newbies in the industry.

We realize that many young persons from undeveloped areas are talented and skill-driven but are economically disadvantaged. The Royal Leadership Fellowship seeks to help make opportunities more accessible to high-achieving but low income teenagers by putting them under profitable mentorship.

In this cohort, we have Engineer Abiodun Fijabi as our RLF Mentor. 20 participants would be trained  virtually, mentored, provided platforms to showcase and harness their skills, and given a chance to network with other great minds and global leaders.



The RLF would be a two- day program held virtually. Throughout the three days, there would be intensive masterclasses, mentorship sessions, creative writing workshops, competitions, games, and opportunity to network.

Commitment Fee- 5000 Naira After Selection


Business Masterclass

Public Speaking Workshop

Design Thinking Workshop

Creative Writing Workshop

Royal Leadership Fellowship

Our Goals

Through the Royal Leadership Fellowship, we hope to:

  • Provide mentorship to talented economically-disadvantaged young people.
  • Train them to be globally relevant with their skills.
  • Foster their creative development process.
  • Create platforms for them to showcase their talents, skills, and passion.
  • Remove the financial barrier of accessing global opportunities.
  • Create a network of young and passionate change-makers.
  • Absorb them into the community of changemakers and continue to empower them.


Innovative Ideas Competition

Public Speaking Competition.

Fun Activities

  1. Story Telling
  2. Game
  3. Networking

Selection Criteria

  1. Should demonstrate leadership qualities.
  2. Should be willing to give back to his/her community.
  3. Should be within the age of 16-21.

● WhatsApp
● Zoom